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Solar panels and heating systems: Savings on energy use, costs

Tue, 06/19/2012 - 17:44

The use of alternative energy sources to provide power to homes and residences in the U.S. is increasing each year, as both homeowners and contractors are looking to these green and sustainable products as a way to cut energy costs and consumption.There are currently more than 200 million solar water heating systems in the world, and roughly one million of these are in the U.S., GreenTech Media reported. This disparity exists due to the high number of systems that are currently in China.While this number is not likely to even out anytime in the near future, there is a significant opportunity for companies in the U.S. to try and increase demand for these systems."I’m looking at a market of 50-million-plus homes that don’t use natural gas to heat their water," one executive told the news outlet. "That’s a pretty sizeable market, and that’s where the opportunity is."Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from the use of these systems, which can be linked to a more efficient heater as a way to further limit the cost and consumption levels for a building.A solar water heater that is linked to a radiant heating system, specifically one from Warmboard, will help a homeowner or building owner cut their operating costs by a sharp margin.Warmboard radiant heating systems are made of a highly conductive aluminum paneling, which helps to deliver water in a more efficient manner. This allows the owner to heat the water to a lower temperature than other products would require, cutting costs and consumption levels.The Warmboard radiant heating system also limits the amount of energy that is wasted, as it allows for the zoning of warmth, which limits the amount of heat that is applied to unused areas of a home.