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Six homes to be toured in solar energy promotion

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 09:39

A solar energy tour in Franklin County, Pennsylvania will feature a showing of six homes and two farms that are equipped with the latest in sustainable and green technology, according to the Chambersburg Public Opinion.

"They are designed to demonstrate a wide variety of renewable energy options, not just solar," Len Lindenmeyer, an enthusiast of solar power, told the news source. "As such, there are a range of energy efficiencies that are sometimes demonstrated by homeowners and local small businesses. This will be the first Solar Tour ever held in Franklin County."

The Franklin County resident also noted that while the visitors can read about advances in the associated technology, the tour will be interactive.

Property owners will be on hand at the residences during the tour, as these individuals will explain and show the benefits of using solar panels, instant hot-water systems and radiant heating systems to the visitors, according to the Opinion.

A radiant heating system can also provide a comfortable source of heat without being an eyesore, as the technology doesn't require a radiator, heating vents or air ducts.