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The right heater can help to reduce holiday stress

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 10:29

While some families are able to enjoy a large residence with enough space for extended family and a large Christmas tree, others are forced to sacrifice room to make the holidays as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

"We won`t have nearly as much space and I’m assuming the tree will be pretty small," a Minot, North Dakota resident told their local NBC affiliate.

The right technology can help these families increase the amount of space that is available, while also limiting the unhealthy contaminants that are often spread around by conventional heaters operating at all hours to provide warmth.

A radiant heating system can help to solve both of these problems, as the technology doesn't use dirty products like radiators or heating ducts, and is part of a subfloor so that space is maximized in a residence. Any guests that visit for the holidays will also be amazed by the comfortable warmth that permeates through the home.

Space that is taken up by air and heating vents, usually lining the lower area of walls of a residence, can be freed up by using a radiant heating system. More room for Christmas trees, walking around and storing presents can be made available by this technology.

These radiant heaters can also help to impress any extended family members who are visiting, as these individuals will be surprised at the comfort and warmth that is produced by this technology. Feet will be warm and so will the sentiment of the people who get to experience the heat beneath them.