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Reviving damaged flooring: Renovating with value

Fri, 02/10/2012 - 10:38

Although older hardwood floors have become a trendy product in the interior design industry, many times these surfaces will be damaged by the wear and tear that a family can put on their home.

According to North Jersey Homes, dulled or scratched surfaces can detract from the value of a residence, and homeowners may want to tear up these older floor coverings in order to give their home a new shine.

Steve Wostbrock, the owner of a New Jersey-based flooring company, noted that once a floor reaches a certain point, it may become too expensive to try and repair the surface.

"At that juncture, we always recommend laying a new wooden floor," the owner noted, as he said the cost of a new floor can also be dependent on the condition of the subfloor.

If a homeowner is choosing to install new flooring in an effort to increase both the value and comfort level of their residence, they may want to consider putting in new heating technology at the same time.

Installing a Warmboard radiant heating system as a subfloor can help to provide a home with a comfortable source of warmth, and a foundation on which to place any type of flooring.

Unlike other radiant heating systems, which require a high water temperature to generate a sufficient level of warmth, a Warmboard system can operate without this high level of heated water.

This allows it to be placed under any flooring type, as its ability to operate with lower water temperatures helps to eliminate some of the warping and damage that is caused by other systems.

Along with the ability to work with flooring like hardwood, the subfloor design of Warmboard allows a homeowner to nail down the covering to the panels, limiting the installation costs.