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Reducing winter heating bills: Increasing efficiency and cutting costs

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 10:55

With the initial long-range forecasts for some areas of the country indicating a significant amount of snowfall and freezing temperatures this winter, families may want to prepare themselves and their homes for the worst-case scenario.
The Burlington County Times reported that there are a number of ways in which a house can be transformed so that heating costs do not soar and there is no excess expenditures for a family.

According to the news outlet, the gaps around windows and doors should be filled in with caulking, older windows should be covered with weather-resistant plastic sheathing, attics should be insulated and shades and drapes should be opened when there is daylight in order to trap some of the radiant heat from the sun.
The seals that are used on any windows and doors are especially important to a home, in terms of preventing the heat from escaping out of the residence, and these should be a priority for a family and should be dealt with before the coming of winter.
While there are easy and practical alterations to a home, like making the small preparations on windows and doors, homeowners should consider a more permanent and effective solution.
Installing technology like radiant heating can help to limit long-term operating costs and will provide a much more comfortable setting for a family during the winter months.
In a manner that is similar to the heat from the sun, this type of heating system warms a home and those who are inside in a much different way from a conventional heater. The product spreads the heat out evenly and people inside of the residence will feel a constant and comfortable warmth.