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Radiant heating: Submitting a renovation project to superior technology

Thu, 09/20/2012 - 09:50

The addition of radiant heating to a home is something that can be done with ease, for both people who are constructing a new residence and those who are simply looking to upgrade their current dwelling.
Two New Zealanders who were embarking on a massive renovation journey - they went around the country to see exactly what they wanted in their home - have finally come up with a plan for exactly what they want in their new home, and it involves the addition of a radiant heating system, according to Stuff.co.nz.
The news outlet reported that the couple did not understand the ins and outs of the technology prior to seeing and hearing about it from many other New Zealanders. However, once they saw the effectiveness of radiant heating systems, the choice to install the technology was made very quickly.
"I hadn't fully appreciated what radiant heat does. It heats things directly at a distance, like a sci-fi heat ray. So floors, walls, furniture, dogs, people warm up directly across the room rather than air being heated, rising to the roof and the room getting warmer only from the roof down," noted the surprised New Zealander, adding that he was amazed with the type of results that people were getting from these products.
Though radiant heating is much more effective than forced air systems, there are certain products within the sector that are able to outperform others.
Warmboard radiant heating systems offer consumers the most efficient design and technology, as the paneling used in the product is composed of highly conductive aluminum material, allowing the system to provide heat at only a fraction of the energy expenditure.