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Radiant heating: Out of sight and peace of mind

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 14:30

The residential and commercial real estate markets are both undergoing a significant change, as property owners are beginning to realize that green products and technology have myriad benefits.
The initial draw to green and sustainable upgrades was the notion that these alterations to buildings and homes would limit the negative impact that the given structure had on the environment. However, as time has progressed and the focus has shifted to costs, the idea of efficiency has emerged in a different light.
Efficiency now deals with using a limited amount of energy to power a specific process or product, not just as a means for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Some products on the market are able to provide a homeowner or commercial property supervisor with other benefits as well as limited costs and emissions. Radiant heating systems, for example eliminate the presence of toxins and contaminants in a structure.
According to the Department of Energy, people with allergies can benefit from the installation of these systems, as they do not require the use of radiators, heating ducts and air vents, all of which store and circulate dust around a room.
Radiant heating systems are primarily installed under the floor, so they also provide a fashion-conscious homeowner with an alternative to the unsightly radiators that often sit against the wall and are an eyesore to all who enter a residence.
Rugs can be easily placed in a home, without the annoying process of cutting and shaping them to accommodate the bulging radiators and heaters. The latest interior design trends can also be adhered to, as all types of floor coverings work with the heating system.
The nature of comfort is hard to broadly define in terms of a home or office, but one would be hard-pressed to find an individual that doesn't enjoy the feeling of warmth that permeates from the floor thanks to a radiant heating system.