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Radiant heating helps to keep families warm during winter months

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 10:04

The feeling of cold feet in winter months is something that many families are accustomed to, and this is one of the primary motivations for homeowners to make the switch to radiant heating systems for their residence.

According to Midwest Producer, heating floors are becoming more common across the country, and it isn't just homeowners who are making the switch. Farmhouses, shops, offices and other facilities are installing the technology.

The news source reported that a local solar heat specialist in Omaha, Nebraska noted that radiant heating systems help to save a family or business owner money, as the technology allows for lower energy costs while also providing increased comfort.

"It's not well understood, but it's very practical and not complicated," Michael Shonka, a solar instructor at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, told the Midwest Producer.

Farmers have been among the most receptive to making the change to radiant heating systems, Shonka told the news source.

"I come from a farm family. Farmers are problem solvers," said the expert.

Shonka also noted that the radiant heating system can also be heated with a variety of energy sources, allowing a homeowner to use solar or geothermal systems to provide their home with a comfortable heat.

Warmboard radiant heating systems help to maximize the efficiency of geothermal and solar energy sources due to the unique design of the panels and the use of highly conductive aluminum tubing.

The technology helps to limit the amount of energy that is wasted because it does not require a high temperature for the water that heats the floor. Other systems need this water to be at a extremely warm level, but the Warmboard product is more efficient and uses lower temperatures to provide the same heat.