Materials & Technology

Prefab homes in London built with efficiency, speed

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 10:12

A total of six men were able to construct two prefabricated residences in two days, according to Inhabitat.

The two residences were 4,000-square-feet each and contained the latest in building and sustainable technology in order to limit energy consumption and cut costs. Located at 25 Hurst Avenue in the North London area, the duplex was built using the new materials as part of a demonstration, reported the news source.

Each of the residences was built with eco-friendly wood, features LED lighting, double glazed windows and burning stoves to help adhere to sustainability requirements and provide a green residence.

Though the builders used the green technology, the interior of the residences also contain chic and modern fixtures and amenities. A radiant heating systems was installed throughout to provide comfort without compromising on energy use, according to Inhabitat.

A radiant heating system can provide comfortable warmth without compromising the looks of a residence. The technology doesn't require unsightly radiators, heating vents and air ducts to operate.