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Potential hazards of space heaters show efficiency of radiant systems

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 09:10

While some people may favor space heaters as a way to provide warmth to their home during the cold winter months, the dangers that are associated with these products may not be worth the heat that is provided, according to KFGO 790.

Due to this notion, many people are switching to safer and more effective heating solutions, such as radiant heating systems, which can be installed like a subfloor under any surface in a home.

The initial problems with space heaters were found when these products overheated due to the continued use that is needed during winter months. The potential for fire and burns from this technology is very high, reported the news source.

"Burns from hot elements and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning are just two of the safety concerns with using space heaters," Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension Service energy educator, told KFGO 790.

These small heaters can do a considerable amount of damage, even if it is not visible, due to the nature of carbon monoxide.

A radiant heating system does not produce any of these toxins due to the lack of radiators, heating vents or air ducts that are required.