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Peace of mind from a Warmboard radiant heating system

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 09:56

The right heating system can truly transform a home, as the comfort and effectiveness of a heater is especially apparent during cold winter months. This notion makes it imperative that a homeowner chooses the right type of technology.

Conventional heating systems are built with antiquated technology that limits the delivery of heat, reduces the comfort level for those in the home and wastes energy due to inefficiencies that are often standard in the design of the heater.

Warmboard heating systems do not compromise on any of these issues, as the technology is designed to maximize efficiency while also providing an unparalleled level of comfort for any family.

Along with the comfort that is provided, its unique subfloor design allows for the homeowner to use any type of flooring in their home, enabling trendy individuals to adhere to the latest trends.

Many customers have noted the benefits of the system, but for those who are focused around comfort, the Warmboard product offers unparalleled levels of efficient warmth for any family.

"The best thing is that the response time is extremely fast," one customer noted. "You can turn on your thermostat and within a half-hour it’s warm, within an hour it’s hot. This is the greatest system, truly amazing!"

The speed with which the Warmboard system can deliver heat is driven by its unique design and superiority for heat transfer. The technology allows the heater to deliver at a rate five-to-10 times faster than traditional thin-pour radiant systems.

This means that for the homeowner, floors become noticeably warm within minutes and ambient air temperature can increase from two-to-five degrees per hour in most homes. This makes it one of the fastest systems available.