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New York residence combines traditional facade with modern interior

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 11:08

Though much of the residential real estate market is composed of older residences in some areas of the country, there are certain places that housing tends to feature modern design due to massive development projects.
This has made an old-fashioned facade and traditional exterior design all the more important to some people who are looking for a new residence. However, many times, these potential homeowners do not want this same type of approach taken for the inside of their future abode.
The combination of modern products and technology with an old-fashioned facade is something that many homeowners would prefer, and one New York residence is offering this dual approach due to a number of new installations on the inside of the home, according to the Riverdale Press.
Interior details tend to be the main draw for people who are experienced in homebuying, and this is why the facade of the Brooklyn, New York residence is just a small portion of why people may look at the 5,200-square-foot house.
According to the news outlet, the home has been outfitted with a new fireplace, modern appliances, the convenience of two-zone air conditioning and a brand new radiant heating system.
The radiant heating system can be placed under the floor of any residence, which allows a homeowner to maintain the feel of an older home while also providing guests and family members with a comfortable setting.
Not only do radiant heating systems provide people with an extremely comfortable product for their residence, but they also help to reduce costs and emissions. Heating bills are cut and the environment is helped by these products, as waste is limited because of the efficient design.