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New York offers residents several ways to cut heating bills

Wed, 02/01/2012 - 10:22

It may have been a mild winter so far for residents of New York, but heating bills have still piled up for some individuals, due to the inefficiencies that exist in many older heating systems, according to the Glenn Falls Post-Star.

"You can't control the price of heating fuel, but you can control bills," Dayle Zatlin, assistant director of communications at the state Energy Research and Development Authority, told the news source. "It could be a new heater, a more efficient heater, moving from oil to gas or putting in more insulation."

According to the Post-Star, through Home Performance with Energy Star programs, homeowners can save energy and reduce costs for new homes and efficiency upgrades for older residences. Free or reduced cost energy assessments allow these individuals to receive recommendations on what would help to increase efficiency and limit costs during winter months.

New heating systems, like in-floor radiant heating, allow for homeowners to reduce their overall costs, while still being able to heat their home. Comfort is also increased for residences that use this technology, as the floor is warm and the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is minimized, as it evenly distributes warmth.

Luke Michaels, an employee of a construction company in New York, noted that the type of heater can have a huge impact on a homeowner's total heating costs.

"We have seen a slight uptick in more efficient heating systems because there are homeowners who know the benefits down the road," he told the Post-Star. "New and improved heating systems are constantly coming out and being upgraded."

By using radiant heating systems, homeowners will be able to provide their family with a comfortable warmth and the money that is saved will help in other areas.