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New technology at condo project begins to attract owners

Thu, 03/15/2012 - 09:31

The current state of the housing market gives a slight preference in terms of pricing and choice to the buyer, making it difficult for architects, developers and condo owners to sell their property. This situation makes the installation of the latest technology and green and sustainable features a priority, as buyers need to be drawn in to a residence or apartment.

According to the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, a local condo project owner had to renovate his properties in order to attract new buyers, as she installed a series of new green and sustainable technologies in order to offer her clients a modern and affordable housing choice.

"They're finally at the right prices," Catherine Egger, the condo owner, told the news source. She noted that she is now able to offer an affordable, yet modern residence to potential buyers, as long-term costs will also be reduced through the installation of new technology.

The Herald Times Reporter noted that the condos each feature central air conditioning, radiant floor heating and renovated bathrooms and kitchens. These improvements helped to attract buyers, as she has already seen a rise in the number of applications for purchasing the properties.

Radiant heating systems are an attractive feature for many buyers, as the long-term operating costs are reduced by a significant amount, and the high level of comfort that is offered is unparalleled by any other product.

A Warmboard radiant heating system maximizes on both of these potential buying factors, as it is the most efficient product on the market and offers the owner a sharp reduction in energy costs and quick delivery of heat. Unlike other systems, this technology helps to deliver heat in the most efficient way, due to its highly-conductive aluminum tubing.