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New Michigan home utilizes radiant heating technology

Thu, 12/08/2011 - 09:49

A Michigan couple has spent a significant amount of time deciding on the perfect home for their family, a process that led them to examine the best home technology products that the market has to offer.

According to the Detroit Observer and Eccentric, Brad and Debbie Wardell spent 10 years planning the construction of their dream home, ensuring that their residence would feature products like radiant heating and be outfitted with classic marble stairs and kitchen counters.

The news source reported that they spent a great deal of time designing the home due to their quest for dream residence, and they wanted to avoid any mistakes or omissions.

"I can't think of anything I'd do differently," Brad told the Observer and Eccentric. He went on to note that they consulted industry experts to help determine the best possible products to use throughout their home.

By installing a subfloor radiant heating system, the Wardells decided to invest in the technology that would lead to long-term energy savings. Along with its efficiency, a radiant heating system allows a family to enjoy the comforts that a warm floor provides.

The radiant technology also helps to heat a residence in a more even manner, as the technology distributes the heat better than a more conventional heater. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees with a radiant system, much less than the more than ten degrees that more traditional heaters provide.

A subfloor radiant heating system also allows for a homeowner to choose the type of flooring that they would like to use, a choice that is not always available for a concrete slab system.