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Net-zero home highlights potential for green buildings in North America

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 15:40

The idea of a home that produces more energy than it uses would have been laughed at just a decade ago, but this notion has become a reality thanks to the progression of technology and innovative products that help to limit the amount of power needed for certain fixtures within a residence.
Though it is known as just a "test facility," the net-zero energy home located in a Maryland suburb operates just like an actual residence that a family could live in, according to CNN News.
A number of government workers and scientists will use the 2,700-square foot residence as a testing ground for new technology, and they have already made significant gains in this regard.
According to the news outlet, the aim of the effort is to show the country that the use of green and sustainable products can help both the environment and the wallets of every American family. Not only will the level of carbon emissions associated with the residence be lowered by a significant amount, the overall operating costs for a home will be cut drastically.
"What we wanted to do was show that it's possible to do in homes typical in size, with the aesthetics and features of a home in a metropolitan area," A. Hunter Fanney, chief of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Energy and Environment Division, told the news outlet.
Products like radiant heating were used in the home, and this helps to account for total energy use and cost reduction. Since these systems rely on the use of the most efficient heating technology on the market, the manner in which they operate limits waste and expenditure.