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Modern heating and cooling systems help to limit waste, lower electricity bills

Thu, 07/12/2012 - 17:56

The use of older and conventional air conditioning and heating units can seriously impact the amount of money that a family spends on their monthly energy bills, as newer and more efficient products help to limit expenditures related to keeping a more comfortable temperature in a residence.
Older heating and air conditioning systems rely on a system of vents, ducts and sometimes visible radiators or tubes, and these fixtures are often the cause of some serious waste, due to air escaping or heat flowing outside instead of through a home.
While people may have not seen this as a major issue in the past, the rising price of energy in the U.S. has led many families to seek alternative products for their homes. The use of modern technology can not only help to lower monthly energy bills, but it can increase the level of comfort and lessen the negative environmental impact associated with American houses.
The federal Energy Star program noted that the average home loses 20 percent of its conditioned air through leaky ducts, and this same type of waste is often the case for conventional heating systems.
Families that install a more efficient heating system may be able to lower their monthly bills by a significant amount, as using a radiant heating system requires less energy expenditure than other products.
Because a radiant heating system limits the amount of energy that is used, due to the manner in which heat is delivered through subfloor tubing and lessened waste, a family will be able to save money and experience an increased level of comfort.
Radiant heating is not a new technology, but new systems are more efficient than ever and make switching to these products a logical choice.