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Michigan green home tour highlights efficient nature of radiant heating

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 08:13

The rising number of Americans that are choosing to install energy efficient technology and undertake a sustainable renovation has led to a number of new green home tours across the country. The Detroit Free Press reported that a recent showing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, allowed visitors to see the benefits of sustainable products in a residence.

According to the news outlet, this "behind the drywall" tour of a 2,200-square-foot residence provided guests with a chance to see the home during construction, which allowed for a glimpse into the inner workings of energy efficient products.

"We've toured other homes. This one was special because it was the first one we could see in progress and see behind the walls," Doug Paterson, an Ann Arbor resident, told the Press.

According to the news outlet, the home includes a recently renovated insulation setup, as the older product was removed in favor of the more efficient alternative. This, coupled with the geothermal energy and radiant heating system, allows the house to keep a family warm without leading to excessive electricity bills.

Residences that are able to efficiently combine a geothermal energy source and a radiant heating system will provide homeowners with a balance of comfort and savings, as the energy efficient technology allows for maximum effectiveness and lower heating bills.

Products like a Warmboard radiant heating system allow a homeowner to limit their energy use, as the highly-conductive tubing that is used in the product spreads the heat out around a residence evenly, while also requiring less energy to work than other systems.

This benefit provides a high level of comfort for any family, as they can enjoy warm floors and rooms without having to think about the cost of heating.