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Massachusetts police force renovates station to house more energy efficient technology

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 14:53

The North County, Massachusetts police force has been in need of a new precinct building for many years, and the group will now see their wish granted as approval has been given to the organization for a new facility, iBerkshires.com reported.According to the news outlet, the old station was known for its inefficient use of technology, as people would often need to open a window right next to the air conditioner due to the fact that this device was not functioning properly.Visitors to the station often noted that many things seemed equally inefficient as this, due to the fact that waste was not seen as a problem. Other attempts to install energy efficient products were stopped by the county council, which led to a sense of apathy around the station."That doesn't seem very efficient," one visitor told the newspaper after taking a brief tour of the old facility.An older radiant heating system is also part of the problem, as it was one of the first of its kind and has far outlasted its usefulness."There's radiant heating in the floor down here, so you can't turn the heat off in the room where the computer equipment is kept," one officer explained while conducting a tour. "We have to keep the air conditioning on in here even in the winter time."While certain products may make promises about efficiency, Warmboard radiant heating systems limit energy use more than any of its competitors.Because of the highly conductive paneling that is used on these products, heat is delivered at a fraction of the energy use needed for other systems.