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Lowering electric bills during the winter

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 11:26

The amount of energy that is used by many individuals is at a significantly higher rate during the winter, due to the amount of heat that is needed to provide sufficient warmth to a home. There are many techniques that people can use to limit bills for this and technology like radiant heating systems can also help reduce the total usage.

Individuals may want to pay attention to their electric bills during these winter months, especially in the current economy where every dollar that can be saved is important. While wearing sweatshirts, covering up in blankets and lighting fires can all help to keep a family warm and limit energy use, there are more effective ways to accomplish these goals.

Conventional heating systems can lead to higher energy bills, as the technology requires significant levels of electricity to provide heat.

This delivery of warmth is also very inefficient, as the older systems tend to waste energy through parasitic heat loss, poor zoning allotments and dismal distribution of heat.

A radiant system fixes all of these problems, as it relies on efficient technology to limit the amount of energy that is required to provide sufficient heat.

This efficient technology can go a long way toward lowering costs this winter. This reduced use of electricity is under the control of homeowners, an official from a power company said in a release.

"The electric rate and customer usage are the two main components to a customers’ electric bill," Jaime Beckelhimer, Appalachian Power customer services manager, said in the release. "Although the rate reflects the cost of service, customers do have a lot of say in controlling their usage. They also control how they choose to pay their bills."

Beckelhimer also noted that inefficient systems and subpar equipment like space heaters may lead a consumer to think they are using less electricity than they actually are.