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Inefficient heating systems, products targeted by governments across globe

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 09:38

While a majority of the push for more efficient heating systems comes from the U.S., other countries have begun to tout the use of products that help to reduce energy usage and increase safety for homes.

Inefficient heating systems can not only worsen health problems like asthma, but in some instances people use space heaters and other products that may even pose a fire threat.

The Australian reported that winter fires typically involve low-income families living in cramped and cluttered homes that are filled with dangerous appliances and highly-flammable furnishings.

Because things like space heaters are cheaper and do not require high installation costs, families will often see short-term savings as worth the risk. This mistake can lead to fires that can not only ruin a family financially, but also can take the lives of those who are living in the cluttered residence.

"Heaters are the big issue - that is part of the reason why we are busier in winter," one firefighter told the news outlet. While most people think they live in a safer world, "all the stuff we have inside is more flammable these days."

An up-front investment in efficient technology like radiant heating can help a family eliminate the possibility of a dangerous fire and can help them save money on long-term operating costs.

A radiant heating system is installed as part of a subfloor and is clean, comfortable and provides no health threat to families. Along with these benefits, the technology helps to limit the size of electricity bills when compared with more conventional heating systems.

Long-term operating costs can provide a significant burden to families, and investing in technology like radiant heating may allow them to withstand brutal winters with little financial impact.