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Inefficient heating systems: Decreased comfort and higher costs

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 14:35

There are many companies that try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying the right products for their offices and warehouses, but often a lack of correct information regarding the given item leads executives to purchase the wrong equipment.
According to Manufacturing.net, there are a number of businesses that struggle with installing the right HVAC systems into their warehouses, as myriad office managers choose the wrong product for their facilities and end up costing the company even more money than they had with their "outdated" technology.
Some companies have installed new heating systems that are inefficient, outdated air conditioners or other products that are simply less than desirable for any business that is trying to turn a profit.
Instead of installing highly efficient, cost-reducing radiant heating systems, some companies have turned to radiant heaters. Though these products have similar names, they are drastically different and produce completely differently results.
"Knowing what we know about thermal technology, the heaters in the building are poorly placed," Rob Granai, a manager of Logistics and Operations for Siefert MTM, told the news outlet of the heaters positioned in the upper corners of the warehouse. "Even when you cranked the heat up to 80, the heaters were just pumping hot air straight into the ceiling."
Instead of trying to position inefficient radiant heaters around a warehouse, the company could have looked into purchasing a Warmboard radiant heating system.
Not only do these systems help to save on heating costs, but they also help to distribute the heat around a large room more evenly than any of the competitors' products. Workers may also appreciate how these systems reduce the presence of airborne contaminants.