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Increase the value of your home with energy efficient products

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 10:25

The use of green and sustainable products in a home is likely to put green back into the wallet of the homeowner who chooses to do so, Reuters reported. Though many people have invested in these technologies out of a concern for the environment, financial motivation may prove to be more convincing for generating a significant change in the industry.

According to the news outlet, Steve Stewart, a Barstow, California resident, noted that he made significant investments in green technology in order to decrease his long-term costs and to add value to his home.

"For me, it was merely a financial calculation," says Stewart, who estimates it will take about seven years to fully pay off his investment. "I wasn't out to save the planet, just to save myself some money."

Reuters reported that homeowners across the country are doing similar math, as the soaring energy costs, generous government and utility incentives plus the drop in price for the technology have motivated them to make the switch to more efficient technology.

According to the news source, many Americans are replacing their conventional power or heating sources with more modern and sustainable technology in order to boost the value of their home and limit energy costs.

Products like a Warmboard radiant heating system can help to boost the value of a residence, as this heater is both the best in terms of comfort and aesthetics as well as practicality and quality. Because of its unique design, the product is more efficient than other systems and will generate more long-term savings.

Warmboard radiant heating systems use highly conductive aluminum tubing to deliver heat, and this technology allows for a homeowner to use less energy to provide a sufficient level of warmth in their residence.