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Impress your client with smart heating in their home design

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 10:30

The shift from older heating systems to new radiant products is one that has occured slowly, despite the long-term cost savings and efficiency of the new technology. However, this is beginning to change, due to the increased focus that many real estate developers and architects have placed on sustainable and green features.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant heating systems offer the homeowner a number of advantages, as it is more efficient than baseboard heating and forced-air systems, as energy loss is minimized and consumption levels are lowered.

The government agency reported that radiant heating systems that rely on the use of heated water through tubing under a floor are the most popular and the most efficient of the products. These are also the most savings-oriented, as they help to limit heating bills due to the nature of the heat delivery.

Certain products work better than others, especially Warmboard radiant heating systems. This is the most efficient system on the market, due to the highly conductive aluminum piping that is used. This allows for the system to deliver a high level of heat without requiring the energy that other systems need to provide the same warmth.

Warmboard heating systems work well with solar and geothermal energy sources for this reason, as other products are not able to maximize the energy-saving potential due to the high water temperatures that are needed to operate the system.

While other products cannot be used with certain types of flooring, due to the high water temperatures that can damage materials like hardwood, Warmboard heating systems can work with any covering.

This system is also easy to install, as it has thinner panels that can be placed under any surface.