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How to make your home as efficient as your car

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 10:15

Many people are looking to invest in energy efficient products, as things like hybrid cars are helping to save families money and work to limit the negative impact that one may have on the environment.

Homes can work the same way, as efficient products can help to reduce the emissions that one is responsible for while also helping to limit energy costs. Radiant floor heating is a technology that will curb electricity usage, benefiting the environment and a homeowner's wallet.

Warmboard offers the most effective product, as its subfloor design uses highly conductive aluminum piping to deliver an efficient, yet comfortable heat.

Radiant heating systems are effective because they are able to limit parasitic heat loss, use more zoning to curb energy use and provide the same level of comfort as a conventional heater with a lower setting for temperature.

Parasitic heat loss refers to energy that is lost due to inherent inefficiencies in a heating system. An example of this would be duct work in more conventional heating systems, as hot air often escapes due to cracks or poorly sealed vents. This type of waste can decrease the effectiveness of traditional heaters, making them as much as 30 percent less efficient than radiant systems.

The radiant heating system also relies on multiple zones rather than controlling the temperature throughout a residence on one thermostat. This helps to decrease the amount of heat that is unnecessarily applied to an unused portion of a home. Rooms with no occupants are not needlessly kept at the same temperature as the kitchen or living area.

A radiant heating system also helps to provide the same level of warmth as older systems at a lower temperature, as the infra red shines up on people from the floor and makes them feel warmer than the room they are in.