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Home technologies that help to save time and money

Wed, 03/21/2012 - 09:52

There are a host of products that homeowners can buy in order to make their homes more efficient and reduce the long-term operating costs that are associated with the residence. While this strategy will help to save money over time, it will also reduce the impact that a house has on the environment.

According to Mashable Tech, there is no need for a homeowner to choose between cutting-edge technology and sustainable products.

In fact, a majority of people who are buying a house will choose one of these green products due to the long-term value that they provide.

"According to our research, energy is the third biggest factor that goes into buying things, behind product features and price," Tim Doyle, spokesperson for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), told the news source. "Sustainable products for the home have become a huge growth area in the tech industry, and many companies are starting to offer new innovative products to help households cut back on costs."

Among these new cost-cutting technologies are high-tech thermostats, smart appliances, revolutionary power adapters, home-automation lighting and new solar panel energy sources.

These products are all emerging technologies, and homeowners are increasingly expecting them to be included in homes that they look at.

Installing technology like solar panels can be an effective way for a homeowners to lower their heating costs, especially when the product is linked to a Warmboard radiant heating system.

A Warmboard radiant heating system maximizes on the use of energy due to its use of highly-conductive aluminum piping. This design allows for the product to generate a comfortable warmth in a residence without using a high level of energy, making it the only radiant heating system that works well with solar panels.