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Home-improvement decisions should be business related, as well as personal

Thu, 12/22/2011 - 10:04

When a homeowner makes an improvement to their residence, they should consider both the aesthetic and comfort-based value of what they are doing as well as determining if an addition will add to the price of a home.

Installations like energy efficient lighting, lead-free paint and radiant heating systems can help add to the value of a home. These products offer a homeowner a significant level of comfort and efficiency, as well as limiting the long-term costs associated with the house and energy bills.

According to a special in the Chicago Tribune, a homeowner should consider the financial impact of any additions that they make to their house, as certain things that an individual may think are a good investment can turn out to be a detriment to the value of the residence.

The article noted that homeowners need to realize the market is based on trends, and if energy efficiency is something that is being coveted by many real estate investors and companies, they should adhere to the standard that is being set when renovating their home.

The product should also be something that is going to add immediate value to the house, according to the article, as the benefits should be felt by the family that is currently living there.

A radiant heating system gives a homeowner a product that helps to add value to the house, as well as increasing the comfort for individuals who are currently residing in the residence.

The radiant nature of the technology gives individuals a warm feeling when entering a residence, as the heat radiates around a room much like the sun does on a cold day. The effectiveness of the system helps to lower the energy consumption for a house, as lower temperatures are needed to achieve the same level of comfort.