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Home heating options for colder climates

Tue, 11/08/2011 - 10:23

The winter months will often leave homeowners with problems providing warmth to their families in an efficient manner. Rising heating costs and environmental damage have left many individuals wondering what is the best way to provide a level of comfort in their residence.

Radiant heating systems can work to solve both of these problems, as the technology provides a warmth that is both energy efficient and evenly distributed.

Unlike conventional heaters, the radiant system's design allows for only a two-to-three degree temperature difference between the floor and ceiling, unlike the more than 10 degrees that exists when using a conventional heater.

Though a radiant heating system may have higher up-front costs than traditional heaters that offer a conventional warmth, the long-term benefits will likely save any family money. The efficient heat that is provided will also be more comfortable to the people in the home and any visitors during the winter holidays, according to the Edmonton Journal.

Leigh Bond, the president of Edmonton's Threshold Energies Corp., noted that the move to radiant heating is one that should be made by families, due to the level of comfort and low energy costs that the technology provides for and the realization that "it pays for itself fairly quickly," he told the news source.

He noted that a small amount of heat works due to the design of the technology.

"Then it becomes viable because you don't use a lot of electricity and the heating costs are so low - you trade the upfront capital costs of building a very high-efficient envelope for using just a little bit of electric heat," Bond told the Journal.