Materials & Technology

Home building materials of the future

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 10:12

The rise of green and sustainable technology has infiltrated the housing market, as these new building materials may be seen in residences in the near future, according to The Guardian.

Among the new materials and technology that are predicted to be staples in the housing market in the next few years are electrochromic glass, self-healing concrete, biomimicry, aerogel and thermo bimetals. These innovations have been lauded by industry experts as things that should be prevalent within the sector, the news source reported.

Electrochromic glass is a material that reflects infrared light, helping to keep air conditioning costs low due to the low amount of heat that is let in. Self-healing concrete helps to keep water and other chemicals out of the foundation of a home, according to the news source.

The use of biomimicry allows water to roll off a roof instead of seeping in, aerogel is a material that could lead to more effective insulation and thermobimetals are a potential surface covering for the outside of buildings that could eliminate the need for air conditioning in the future, the Guardian reported.

Radiant heating systems are forms of technology that are already in use, as these systems help a house maintain a more uniform warmth. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees in this type of system.