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Home building material tips for older homes with Jerry Ludwig

Tue, 10/11/2011 - 09:01

Jerry Ludwig, the famous home design consultant, recently offered some tips on what to install in an older house when trying to provide a comfortable warmth.

According to his article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Ludwig noted that while some people may favor the use of foam boards to provide insulation, he recommends using a radiant heating system to provide a more efficient warmth.

The consultant outlined how the technology can be installed over any type of surface, even with an older home, and the system will allow heat to radiate up through the whole house. If there is a basement with a crawl space below the first floor, the product can help to warm the residence in an efficient manner.

Ludwig noted that the older the house, the more important using this technology is, as foam board and modern insulation may not work as well due to the structure of the home.

A radiant heating system will allow for a more even temperature, as the warmth is spread more uniformly than a conventional system.