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The high performance level of a Warmboard radiant heating system

Wed, 02/22/2012 - 11:18

The use of Radiant floor heating has grown exponentially in North America, as the number of homeowners who are looking to install the technology has risen due to a variety of reasons that range from lowered energy costs and consumption to increased comfort.

The type of radiant heating system that is chosen by a homeowner is often dependant on a recommendation from either their realtor or architect.

Clients often request a certain product based on peer reviews or based on industry magazines, but the realtor or architect should be able to recommend a radiant heating system based on using a developed level of expertise.

The performance of the radiant heating system may not be the most important component of the technology for the client, as the level of comfort that the product is responsible for can sometimes trump practical matters.

Radiant floor heating is quiet, clean and invisible. The gentle warmth that is provided is beginning to rival premium features like granite counter tops, hardwood floors and new appliances.

Warmboard radiant heating systems are able to deliver a comfortable warmth to families, while also providing benefits that other products are not capable of.

Unlike other radiant heating systems, Warmboard's product is able to deliver the comfort of a radiant product while also minimizing energy costs and consumption.

While other products can offer the comfort level of a radiant heating system, they do not use the same aluminum tubing that is integrated into Warmboard systems.

The highly conductive tubing allows for a maximum delivery of heat to the entire system without requiring the use of high water temperatures. This minimizes the amount of energy that is needed to pump heat through the whole system.