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Geothermal heating and cost-cutting: Technology to increase efficiency

Fri, 09/14/2012 - 09:14

There are a number of green technologies that are taking hold in the commercial and residential real estate markets, but one clean energy source is experiencing quite a gain in acceptance thanks to its cost-cutting components.
Geothermal energy sources are now being used to power heating and cooling products for both homeowners and businesses, tapping the ground for stored energy to help limit the negative environmental impact and costs associated with these systems.
According to NAPSI, homeowners and small businesses in the American Southwest would benefit from the addition of these geothermal energy sources - they get up to 300 days of sunshine a year - but people in the Northeast would still see significant long-term cost reductions.
The news outlet reported that these energy sources are being touted as more efficient than solar products, as they deliver more energy per square foot and take up much less space than the products that are often seen covering rooftops across the country.
Geothermal energy sources are most effective when linked with technology like radiant heating systems, as this combination of green products helps to reduce costs and lower consumption levels more than any alternative systems.
Because radiant heating systems are extremely efficient, especially those offered by Warmboard, the product relies on the use of as little energy as possible. This helps to limit long-term operating costs, while still providing a significant level of comfort to homeowners.
Warmboard radiant heating systems rely on highly conductive materials throughout the product, both in their paneling and tubing, and this helps to provide homeowners with a system that works best with expenditure-cutting and emissions-reducing installations like geothermal energy sources.