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Featured San Francisco home to come with radiant heating

Wed, 08/31/2011 - 10:53

A new home that has been put on the market in San Francisco, California, and is featured in the weekly San Francisco Chronicle showcase will feature all of the latest technologies and modern amenities for the next resident.

With expansive views of the downtown area and a spacious patio and deck from which to enjoy the city, the house offers a unique view of the greater San Francisco area, reported the Chronicle.

The custom-built home, as the previous owner had wanted to keep the home as green and sustainable as possible, will house new appliances, fixtures and a completely renovated master suite and bedrooms, according to the news source.

Listed for $2.5 million, the home has high ceilings throughout, a breakfast bar, center island, a modern oak staircase, stainless steel appliances, a Japanese soaking tub, a media room, a garage and a radiant floor heating system that was installed throughout the house, reported the Chronicle.

Radiant heating systems are perfect for houses that come with high ceilings, as the difference in temperature between the ceiling and floor is only two to three degrees, and the owners can enjoy the comfortable feeling of heat radiating from beneath them.