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Facts about Warmboard tubing spacing

Thu, 01/19/2012 - 10:14

The Warmboard radiant heating system is a revolutionary product that allows for maximum efficiency in a radiant heater due to its innovation subfloor design and use of high-quality aluminum tubing.

According to the company, they often receive questions regarding the 12 inch tubing spacing that is used in their product. The questions generally come from people who are familiar with the limitations of low conductivity thin-slab systems which often require tubing spacing of 6 inches on center (o.c.) or closer.

"The short answer is that because of its high conductivity, Warmboard at 12" o.c. equals the performance of a thin slab system at 2" spacing. Therefore there is no need to ever use tubing spacing closer than 12" o.c. with Warmboard," according to the company's website.

The company provides an analogy to illustrate the reasons that their product differs from other systems.

One needs to think of two frying pans, one with a highly conductive aluminum handle and one with a wood handle. The wooden one is less conductive, so if the two were to be warmed, an individual would prefer to grab the pan with the wood handle.

The further away from the source of heat the less hot the wooden handle would feel, however, the aluminum handle conducts heat so well that the distance away from the center of the pan does not matter as much.

This shows why the Warmboard system is able to use 12 inch o.c. as opposed to the 6 inch version. While other radiant systems, like concrete slab versions, use the 6 inch o.c. spacing, it is because these products do not have the same highly conductive aluminum tubing.