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Examining Warmboard radiant heating systems: Leading the industry for 20 years

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:00

The first Warmboard products hit the market roughly 20 years ago, as an entrepreneur was looking to introduce a more effective product to consumers and transform the way that people heated their homes.
Terry Alsberg invented Warmboard in 1992, and after years of innovative new designs and technological advances, the company's products have become some of the fastest growing and most popular radiant heating systems.
This growth has been driven by the quality of the products that are produced by Alsberg and his colleagues, as they have been engineering a radiant heating system that maximizes on the delivery of heat without requiring a significant use of energy. Although the competitors have been around since the first days of the company, Warmboard has remained ahead of the pack due to its innovative design and accommodative nature.
It is easier to install than many products in the market, as flooring like hardwood coverings can be nailed to the top of the paneling. These types of delicate surfaces will also not be destroyed by the heat from the Warmboard radiant heating system, as the water pumped through the tubing does not need to be as hot as many of its competitors products.
The accommodations that are allowed by the product are only matched by the efficiency of the Warmboard system, as the highly conductive paneling that is used, and thus the lower water temperatures needed, means that it requires less energy than other systems.
The system also responds well to changes in the temperature, as users can efficiently and quickly adjust the desired warmth for their residence. It responds in less time than the products of competitors, as well spreading the heat out more evenly around a home.