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Energy efficient home built by New York students

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 09:56

A luxurious energy efficient home was built by students as part of the Building Trades program at the Mount Morris campus of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership. Although the builders were still learning the trade, they were able to outfit the residence with green products like a radiant heating system and rooftop solar panels, according to the Livingston County News.

The news source reported that the students were able to use the green technology due to outside help from contractors, but the rest of the residence was completed with minimal help from their teacher.

"This year’s house is not the normal building trades project," Ray Carney, whose been teaching the program for 25 years, told the Livingston County News. "Because of the steep roof system, 12/12 slope, we were not able to construct the roof system and it was sub-contracted by the homeowner."

The homeowner chose high quality materials for the residence and included several amenities during construction that would not be found in the typical home in the area. Among these products were a central air conditioning system and the solar panels.

According to the news source, a radiant heating system was installed to help lower the home's total energy consumption and to help reduce the impact of the residence on the environment, while still providing a comfortable source of heat.

A radiant heating system also helps to eliminate some of the contaminants that exist in a home due to more traditional heaters. These products generate dust and allergens because of the radiators, heating vents and air ducts that are necessary to run the conventional technology.

Radiant heating also helps to limit parasitic heat loss that many older heaters are responsible for.