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The efficient nature of underfloor heating

Tue, 04/17/2012 - 10:08

Underfloor heating, known by many names and available in a variety of forms, is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to heat a residence or a building. The combination of comfort and savings has led many businesses and homeowners to install the technology, and innovations within the industry are making it even easier to do.

According to an article in Green Building Elements, a recent joint study by the University of Padua and the Danish Technical University highlighted the efficiencies or underfloor heating.

The authors noted that the principle difference, in terms of the level of warmth in a room, was that underfloor heating, being a radiant system, achieves the same comfort conditions in a room with a lower air temperature than traditional heating.

According to the article, this is why radiant heating systems have become more prevalent in the real estate industry. The study found that by being able to provide effective heating using a cooler water flow temperature, subfloor heating uses less energy than when a building or home uses radiators or other conventional technology.

However, many radiant heating systems may not be able to deliver heat at the same level of efficiency. Products like a Warmboard radiant heating system may be more effective than other forms of the radiant technology.  

This is because Warmboard systems use highly-conductive aluminum tubing, which allows it to deliver heat using lower water temperatures than the products that are produced by its competitors.

Because of this competitive edge, Warmboard products are able to use less energy to provide warmth to a residence, something that will save homeowners money due to lowered electricity bills. Despite the drop in energy costs, the delivery of heat is sufficient and constant.