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Edmonton Homes receive modern upgrades

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 08:49

Two Edmonton residents have undertaken a condo conversion project as an attempt to revive their business and to fix a neighborhood that was complete with several eyesores that received many complaints from area residents, according to the Edmonton Journal.

Kurt Masse and Sarah Lieb, husband and wife business partners for Keystone Capital, took a vacant, rundown fourplex and transformed the property into four refined coach homes, the news source reported.

The couple sought to modernize the homes, as they wanted to combine efficiency with aesthetics. Aside from the amenities that feature the latest technologies, the houses also come with heated tile floors to protect residents from the brutally cold Edmonton winters, reported the Journal.

Radiant heating was installed to help the new owners create a modern home where the eyesores of the neighborhood used to stand. Using this technology also increased the value of the residence, which will sell for $337,000 and up, according to the news source.

"We want to take pride in what we do and we do everything possible to make it a quality product," Masse told the Journal.

The value of a home with radiant heating is improved through potential energy savings and the aesthetic improvements of the technology, according to Alternative-Heating-Info.com.