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Eco-friendly options for homeowners

Tue, 02/07/2012 - 10:50

A number of energy efficient homes and communities are currently in the process of being tested across the country, according to Clean Technica, but one company has presented a net-zero-energy residence at a showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The news source reported that the ZeroHouse 2.0 is a natural extension of the company's standard building practices, which comply with EPA Energy Star Standards. The company claims its home can eliminate the electric bill altogether, a feat due to the hot climate that Nevada has, especially during summer months. 

"When the temperature hits triple digits here in Las Vegas, as it often can, many homeowners see their monthly bills reach well into the triple digits too," the company said in a release. "That’s why KB Home has focused on building energy-efficient homes and why our homebuyers can now select a ZeroHouse 2.0 that is estimated to lower their energy utility costs to nearly zero."

According to the news source, the company also hosted an event to show students from a school right outside of Las Vegas the benefits of the home, and to increase the children's interest in science. The net-zero-energy residence shows that energy efficiency can help to reduce electricity bills and limit the environmental impact of a house.

Technology like radiant heating systems can also help to limit a homeowner's energy costs, and specific products like Warmboard perform especially well with little energy usage.

Warmboard operates with lower energy use than other systems due to the highly conductive aluminum tubing that is used in its system, as the water that is circulated does not have to be heated to as high of a temperature to deliver the necessary heat.

It achieves a more even distribution of the heat, eliminating waste that other radiant heating systems account for due to their design.