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Designing a new home: Inclusion of radiant heating is recommended

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 13:51

The process of designing a new residence is often left to the professionals, but a homeowner should take on an active role in order to ensure that the best products and practices are included in the construction.
Products like radiant heating should be included, as this technology can limit the long-term operating costs for a residence as well as increasing the feeling of comfort for the family that is going to reside there.
While some products claim to be efficient, Warmboard radiant heating systems take efficiency to a whole new level.
Warmboard radiant heating systems allow a homeowner to cut their energy use by the largest amount possible, due to the method for the delivery of warmth built into the innovative product.
In a world where conductivity gives any product a higher value, Warmboard systems are able to maximize on this notion because they are made with highly conductive aluminum paneling. This allows the water to be heated to a lower temperature for operation, lowering energy use and costs.
This type of innovative product will help a homeowner include the latest and most efficient technologies in their residence.
Madison Magazine reported that a potential homeowner should consult their designer early on in a building project, as they can recommend products such as these to the professional.
"If you pick a builder and work backward it’s ineffective," one builder told the news source. "The design team needs to get clients to the level where they’re ready to talk with the building community. You need to talk through the design before you discuss building plans."
Homeowners and designers should be able to reach an agreement prior to the construction phase, easing the process for both parties, according to Madison Magazine.