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Cost benefits of a Warmboard radiant heating system

Thu, 06/07/2012 - 10:06

Both homeowners and contractors can benefit from the lower operating costs provided by a Warmboard radiant heating system, as the technology is easy to install and helps to limit energy consumption.

Contractors are able to limit the amount of money that they have to invest in the installation of the Warmboard system, made easier by the thin paneling, along with the fact that a floor covering like hardwood can be nailed to the top of the product.

Plumbing experts note the amount of energy needed to provide warmth to the water in the tubing is much less, helping to limit energy costs for the product.

"Warmboard heats the 3500 square foot home with a 75 gal LP gas water heater set at only 95 degrees. The homeowner is extremely pleased. I would absolutely use Warmboard again, in fact I will use it every chance I get. No problems, just awesome," said Don Moore, owner of Integrity Plumbing in Florence, Oregon.

When contractors and plumbers benefit, the customer does as well. These benefits are also extended to the lowered long-term operating costs for the system and cuts to the size of an electricity bill.

Zoning allows a homeowner to limit the amount of heat provided to certain areas of a residence, helping to eliminate waste and further enhance the value of the investment. Setting up the zoning is easy, as materials are provided by the company to homeowners to help limit the time it takes to get comfortable.

"The design documents Warmboard supplied were excellent, and we have 11 zones in our home," said one user who noticed a drop in the amount they were paying because of the system.