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Construction company notes efficient technology can reduce home energy use

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 10:40

A California-based energy company has noted that a program designed by the state's department of energy and utilities will help homeowners reduce their total energy consumption and costs through the adoption of more efficient technology.

According to a release from Phoenix Energy and Construction, a collaboration between the California Department of Energy and Utilities and energy companies would help homeowners identify certain energy reduction practices and technologies that would benefit both the environment and their wallet.

"Our goal is to optimize efficiency of the whole house where all systems work together and complement each other and this means saving money on utility bills," a Phoenix Energy executive noted in the release.

The release noted that installing the right products, using energy-saving techniques and limiting the time spent using modern devices can lead to savings in the thousands on an annual basis.

The type of technology that can reduce energy in a home can vary, but the most efficient products have been identified as modern insulation, radiant heating systems, LED lighting and windows that allow for the passage of light and heat, according to the release.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps a homeowner reduce their overall energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Unlike other systems, which require high water temperatures to provide heat to the radiant system, a Warmboard radiant heating panel relies on highly-conductive aluminum piping to deliver heat at lower water temperatures.

The Warmboard system's use of thin aluminum piping also allows it to be placed under a floor covering more easily, as a hardwood floor can simply be nailed to the Warmboard panels by a homeowner, eliminating the need to pay a professional.