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Constant comfort with a Warmboard radiant heating system

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 05:38

There has been a major shift in the home heating market, as homeowners are moving away from older and conventional heaters in favor of modern technology that helps to provide a higher level of comfort for a family.

Some people define comfort as the absence of discomfort, especially when it comes to a household product like a heating system. It is often tough to realize how inefficient and noisy a conventional heater is until one has experienced any of the new technology that is available.

One such product, the Warmboard heating system, is the epitome of comfort, as the technology operates without any noise, any visible ducts or vents and no hot air being pumped throughout a home that can exacerbate the winter dryness.

Because the system has high conductivity, low mass and a fast response time, the temperature will always be at the right level within a household. The product also maximizes on the amount of comfort that a family feels due to the fact that it spreads the heat out evenly around a room, with as little as a one-to-two degree temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling.

The system operates in such an efficient manner than many people do not even realize that the product is on or working at full capacity.

"I think that what I now appreciate is that the heating of a house is one of those things where the perfection of the art is in its invisibility. When you walk through our Warmboard-heated main floor there are no hot spots or cold spots or obvious sources of heat, just a nice comfortable warm feeling," one customer from Pollock Pines, California, said of the technology.