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Comfort controls for AC and heating systems

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 13:14

The use of certain products within a home can help to increase energy efficiency of a residence, along with the level of comfort for people who reside in the house. New controlling systems can help to maximize on the energy savings and can help to limit the range of temperature for families.Air conditioning units and heating systems vary in efficiency and cost, but purchasing a product that can either be zoned or has comfort controls may be the best option for any homeowner.Certain heaters, like radiant heating systems from Warmboard, allow for a homeowner to set up zones around their residence. This allows for a family to turn the heat on only in rooms that they will be occupying, helping to save money on energy costs.These heating systems already limit the amount of waste and energy consumption, and the zoning technology only helps to maximize on these efficiencies. Because this can be set up by an installation professional and industry expert, families can expect a significant level of savings after selecting this product.Radiant heating systems can help to increase the value of a home, and this technology is often something that visitors and guests will marvel at.Though air conditioning systems are especially common in this day and age, setting up a comfort control can help this product be just as efficient as the heating system.According to a release from American Heating and Cooling, programmable digital comfort controls help to hone the precision of an air conditioning system, as they maintain consistent temperatures, control humidity and allow a user to set a number of specific functions to maximize on efficiency and energy use.