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Colorado eco-cruise highlights importance of solar technology, radiant heating

Mon, 10/10/2011 - 10:58

Although participation was limited due to high-speed winds and torrential rain, a group of interested bikers and homeowners went around for the tour of sustainable Fort Collins, Colorado businesses and homes, according to the Coloradoan.

The tour went around to nine stops that were either local homes or shops that have installed sustainable and green technology to minimize energy costs and consumption.

"We often get relatively narrow on what we think is green and sustainable," Andrew Michler, chair of the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, told the Coloradoan. "But (the event is) about how all those things come together: health, quality of life, energy, materials, water. (They) all come together for cohesive hold."

Though the initial tours that occurred 10 years ago focused on improvements with solar technologies, there are many more products that exist in the current market. Several houses featured LED lighting, energy efficient windows and radiant heating systems, according to the news source.

A radiant heating system can provide a comfortable heat to a residence without needing a radiator or heating ducts. Eliminating these products improves the health of a home and helps with aesthetics.