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Cold front could increase heating costs for Eastern U.S.

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 09:35

A blast of cold air that swept through the East Coast in the U.S. over the past several weeks has stifled hopes of an early spring and summer, as homeowners in the region have had to turn their heating systems back on for the time being. Bloomberg reported that this drop in temperature has been paralleled by a rise in the energy use for these Americans.

According to the news outlet, demand for energy will exceed normal levels from the Ohio Valley to the East Coast as the cold front sweeps across the area. The use of heating systems will be 10-to-30 percent higher for businesses and homeowners in the region, as the warm weather disappeared.

Bloomberg reported that weather experts do not predict a return of the weather for the next several weeks, as the 10-day outlook from many forecasters favors lower-than-average temperatures from Missouri up to Maine.

The drop in the temperature could have a significant impact on businesses that will have to run their heating systems for a prolonged period in order to provide customers with a level of comfort when they are present in their stores.

However, businesses and homeowners who have radiant heating systems may not feel the same pain, as these products allow for lower heating costs.

Certain products like a Warmboard radiant heating system allow for the lowest-possible long-term heating costs, as the efficient design of the product allows for a delivery of comfortable temperatures without an increased expenditure of energy.

Along with lowered heating costs, business and homeowners can easily install the product under the floor covering of their choice, a luxury that is not provided by competitor radiant heating systems.