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Choosing the right technology for a sustainable home

Tue, 10/18/2011 - 10:00

The concept of sustainable housing is one that many developers are signing on for, due to the increased energy costs and desire among many individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. Technology like energy-efficient LED lighting and radiant heating systems can help people achieve this goal without sacrificing comfort, according to Earth Techling.

"In order for architecture to be sustainable it needs to have a strong human element, a high quality for human life," Philip A. Smith, an architect who specializes in the technology, told the news source. "If it doesn’t, people will change it and it won’t be sustainable... It could be the most sustainable building there is, but if it’s an ugly home who cares?"

Solar panels can help to provide a source of clean and efficient energy, while large windows can help to provide a source of clean air throughout the year, the news source reported.

According to Earth Techling, rainwater recycling can help homeowners reuse resources and limit consumption.

A radiant heating system can help to provide a comfortable warmth while limiting the amount of time it takes to heat a residence. The technology works at a faster rate than other types of modern heating.