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Choosing the right technology helps to lower heating bills during winter months

Wed, 12/14/2011 - 10:54

The winter months can be difficult for many families in regions where cold weather is constant and blankets and warm clothing are not enough to provide warmth. Installing the right technology in a home can help to provide heat without forcing homeowners to pay excessive heating bills.

A radiant heating system is one of these products that can help to provide comfortable warmth throughout a home without forcing families to pay excessive bills.

The effectiveness of this technology limits the amount of energy that is needed to heat up the water in the aluminum piping that is integrated into the system as part of the subfloor. Not only does this help a homeowner use any type of flooring, as it can be placed under any surface, but it also maximizes the productivity of the entire system.

The radiant nature of the product allows for a room to feel warmer than it actually is, the same way that the sun helps to provide warmth even when the temperature is low. Because members of a family will feel warmer than they actually are, the system doesn't have to be set at high temperatures for people to be comfortable.

Other steps can be taken to limit the amount of heat that is allowed to escape out of the house. A radiant system limits parasitic heat loss, that often occurs through the cracks of radiators, air ducts and heating vents.

A heating expert told the Peoria Journal Star that limiting the presence of cracks can help lower heating costs significantly.

"Having a contractor perform an energy audit allows them to inspect for leaky windows and old doors so that the homeowner can address them accordingly," said the expert.