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Canadian technology event showcases radiant heating, LED lighting products

Fri, 12/09/2011 - 08:10

The biennial Discover Tectoria event, previously known as Island Tech, took place at the Crystal Garden in Victoria, British Columbia, as vendors from around the world came to put their innovative products and ideas on display, according to the Victoria Times Colonist.

The news source reported that the home building technology display was one of the bigger draws for the event, as local residents and visitors from around Canada came to see radiant floor heating technology, LED lighting and rainwater collection systems.

"We've been doing this every two years since 2003 and now we get the sense people know about the tech sector, their awareness has increased but they don't necessarily understand it," one of the event organizers told the Colonist.

More than 3,500 people attended the event, and a major theme for many of the displays was energy efficiency and its potential environmental and cost benefits.

The idea of saving money and reducing carbon emissions is part of what makes the products that were on display more appealing to many homeowners. A radiant heating system, for example, uses a more efficient delivery system to help eliminate parasitic heat loss and to use less energy to deliver the necessary warmth to a residence.

A radiant heating system can provide comfortable warmth to a family, and the radiant aspect of the technology allows for the heater to make colder temperatures feel warmer than they actually are.

The radiant nature of the system works like the sun on a cold day, in that it helps to warm an individual despite the fact that the actual temperature may be a few degrees colder than what it feels like.