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Building expert explains benefits of radiant heat

Fri, 03/16/2012 - 08:56

In response to a question regarding radiant heating, and exactly what that means, Tim Carter, of Ask the Builder, noted that this product is not something new.

According to Carter, writing in Staten Island Live, noted that radiant heat sources in a home can take many forms, but an in-floor system is likely what the person who asked the question was referring to in the post.

The expert noted that, aside from the cost benefits and limited effect on the environment for this technology, it simply makes a person feel good to walk around on a warm and comfortable surface.

"Walking in bare feet or laying on the floor is pure ecstasy," said Carter. "It’s nearly silent, it’s clean, it’s comfortable, there are no ducts to clean, it’s efficient and requires minimal maintenance."

The expert noted that radiant heating systems help to reduce the operating costs for a home, as long-term energy expenditures are limited by this technology. Because of the efficiency of the product, heating costs are drastically reduced, as the amount of energy that is wasted by older and conventional systems accounts for a large percentage of an electricity bill.

He did note, however, that some radiant heating systems can be difficult to install and this process can be costly. For homeowners who are putting in a concrete-slab system, this is especially true.

A Warmboard radiant heating system is not expensive to install, unlike the other products on the market. Due to its unique design, complete with highly-conductive aluminum tubing, this system can be easily installed under any type of floor covering.

The Warmboard product can be so easily installed that a homeowner can simply nail a hardwood floor on top of it after it is put in as a subfloor.